Michalko & Michalko. »Flowers are beautiful« at Kulturpalast Wedding International
Helter Skelter Vol. III art festival of the season. June 2016
  Napoli uno. Nov 2015
  balcony 2015
  from the notebook: the tree
  pilot party
  NADA at SLIDELUCK Berlin V, May 2nd, 7pm at Stummfilmkino Delphi, a historic theater for silent films.
The space has been home to extravagant soirées since the 1920s and recently reopened for cultural events.
Stummfilmkino Delphi, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin, Germany
  Exhibition view FROM THE NOTEBOOK
at Raum für Fotografie, Neuköllner Leuchtturm, april 2015
  Photo exhibition FROM THE NOTEBOOK
Patrick Becker and Jan Michalko at Raum für Fotografie at Neuköllner Leuchtturm

Opening 13 march 2015, Emser Strasse 117, 12051 Berlin Germany
Exhibition open 17 march - 08 may 2015, tuesday to friday, 2 - 6 pm
  MIRAPROSPEKT at tête art space, Berlin. Dec 2014
Frames and prints by Patrick Becker, Roger Minick, Jan Michalko, Jonathan van Smit, Alisa Resnik, Shinji Abe, Ingeborg Gerdes, Christian Reister, Jan Zappner, Jiri Makovec, Hannah Goldstein, Jetmir Idrizi, Andreas Pein, Holger Biermann and Sebastián Laraia
  In Dialogue with MICHAEL NARDONE - Published in BlackFlash Magazine, September 2014

Received the new issue of BlackFlash, which has writings on Raymond Boisjoly, Jin-me Yoon, Ryan Trecartin and Marisa Portolese, amongst others. Also in it is my dialogue with German photographer Jan Michalko, which focuses on his work over the last decade in Romania. Michael Nardone
  volker + azra wedding in istanbul. August 2014
  Albania, Tirana

EASTREET 2 - exhibition of street photography from Eastern Europe
11-31 july 2014
Lublin, Poland
Opening: 11 july2014
  Publication Le Temps. Agency http://picturetank.com
  flash serie III: berlin / work in progress
  Kleister2013. December, Berlin at Hotel Bogota. 320x220. Early years
  Hi Moni. I saw a picture by your brother I think in a French newspaper (Libération). Nice
  Berlin under construction III
  EASTREET - exhibition of street photography from Eastern Europe
within the Integrations−Mediations festival in Lublin, Poland. 3 to 30 October 2013
  balcony 2013 september
  Publication : ParisBerlin magazine /july 2013
Photographs of an everyday life. Work in progress.
Weekly updates. Black and white and color by
Patrick Becker, Holger Biermann and Jan Michalko.
  MIRAPROSPEKT group exhibition at TÊTE art space in Berlin 15 march 2013
  Group exhibition 'Der Raum dazwischen' at Kugelbahn Wedding. Berlin, january 2013
  first snow, dec 2012
  Kleister2012 NORD. Nov, Berlin / 140x210 Photograph from Berlin
  publications: M Magazine Le Monde / Courrier International
  balcony 2012 september
  NICE TRY - Photographs from Berlin at FENSTER61 – Fenster für Fotoprojekte. http://www.fenster61.de

FENSTER61 ("WINDOW61″) uses an approx. 2 by 2 meter shop window in the very busy Torstraße, near subway Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin Mitte. Since 2005 photographers are presented in monthly changing exhibitions with works that more or less deal with Berlin. FENSTER61 is not a gallery. FENSTER61 doesn't have opening hours, since the visitor is in a public space. The window is lit at night. FENSTER61.DE documents and archives the exhibitions.
  Kleister2012. sept, Berlin / 210x140 / Photograph from Abrud, Romania
  east european funparks re-scanned / personal collection
  Exhibition view: 24mm from India
at the gallery of the Museum of Photography in Goerlitz/Germany, August 2012
  24mm from India
MIRAPROSPEKT group exhibition at the gallery
of The Museum of Photography in Goerlitz/Germany
28 july to 24 august 2012
  Berlin under construction II
  Publication: Sueddeutsche Zeitung / Wirtschaft - Slovakia/Bratislava
Nr. 132, 11 june 2012
  SHQIP - Photographs from Albania
Exhibition at Promenades Photographiques Photofestival in Vendome/France
  SHQIP - Photographs from Albania
Group show in Vendome/France
Promenades Photographiques Photofestival
22 june to 16 september 2012

website launch


MIRAPROSPEKT is a showcase for personal work of independent photographers.
A web journal of individual series with the focus on self-initiated work, an archive for
rarely published work made available to a wider audience.

  Home sweet home. Summer 2012
Photo by hannah goldstein
  German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst
67 years end of the war in Europe
08 may 2012
  Publication: LaCroix Magazine, apr 2012 / Psychologies Magazine, sept 2011
  Berlin under construction I
  NICE TRY - Show at EntwederOder Bar. Photographs from Berlin and east europe

NICE TRY - Exhibition by Jan Michalko and Holger Biermann
Photographs from Berlin and east europe travel notes.
Opening 09 february 2012, 7pm
Exhibition 10 feb to 21 march 2012
at GalerieCafé EntwederOder
Oderberger Strasse 15, 10435 Berlin/Germany

  flash serie II: berlin / work in progress
  Kulturpalast Wedding International
Exhibition view: SAFARI SIZE - Photographs from Cairo
  Group show: SAFARI SIZE - Photographs from Cairo
by Holger Biermann, Georg Knoll, Jan Michalko and Andreas Pein.
Opening 27 jan 2012, 8 pm. Exhibition 28 jan - 05 feb 2012, Sat/Sun. 4 - 8 pm
at Kulturpalast Wedding International, Freienwalder Strasse 20, 13359 Berlin/Germany


  WHERE IS THE GO? Photographs from Cairo
05 nov 2011, 7 pm. Exhibition at Kunstwerk Köln e.V. - Lange Nacht der Museen
Deutz-Mülheimer Straße 127-129, 51063 Cologne/Germany
  Cologne city marathon
oct 2011
  DRUM BUN! Photographs from Romania
Exhibition at Leica Gallery Solms, August 2011
Leica Camera AG, Oskar-Barnack-Straße 11, 35606 Solms, Germany

During his many travels through the former Eastern bloc, the German photographer Jan Michalko visited
Romania for the first time in 2004 to work on a documentary about the new member countries of the
European Union. He was fascinated by the country: the history, the mentality of the people, the contrast
between urban and rural life, the mysticism and the resulting inconsistencies. Since then he has been to
Romania several times, always in search of intensive, personal, unadulterated and irrational moments. His
photos, often characterized by the comedy and tragedy of everyday life, the poetry of the unspectacular,
show people in their natural environment and give the viewer an impression of the atmosphere they live in.

  Publication: TAZ - Die Tageszeitung / Berlin
06/07 aug 2011
  Publication: book cover Atlas de l´Allemagne / Magazine Altermondes
  flash serie I: sauerland / work in progress
  Wallpaper at Sasiedzi-Nachbarn 2.0. Exhibition, german-polish festival in Warsaw organized
by the German embassy and Goethe-Institut
  Photographs from Cairo
by Holger Biermann, Jan Michalko and Andreas Pein
Exhibition 16.04. - 08.06.2011 at AE gallery
Hermann-Elflein-Strasse 18, Luisenforum, 14467 Potsdam, Germany
we + fr 3pm to 7pm, sa 12pm to 4pm - closed 07.05 and 03/04.06.2011
  Publication : German Metalworker´s Federation IG Metall, Magazine Junge Generation
  Client work for Kornberger und Partner Kommunikationsberatung, Berlin
German Metalworker´s Federation IG Metall Jugend. Outline of the book about the campaign Operation Übernahme
  Publication: Der Greif Magazine / India - Calcutta
No: 04, 03.2011 / http://www.dergreif-online.de
  client work: SAES / advanced english studies http://www.saes.info
Germany/Berlin: dec 2010 - feb 2011, serie no 35
  Korca nightmare. One remaining frame. Albania, nov 2010
  Publication: Sueddeutsche Zeitung / travel
China/Beijing. 18.11.2010
  Client work: Amnesty International, Section Germany / cover for the annual report
07/2010 for kornbergerundpartner.com
  Publication: Der Wedding - Magazine für Alltagskultur / No: 05
  Client work: VSD Magazine / France. No. 1680, nov 2009, Berlin
  happy birthday night
  Brochure N-Ost, media conference in Bucarest. Photographs from Romania. Oct 2008
  Last goodbye. Slovakia/Stanca, May 2008
  Denmark - Aarhus days 2007/2008
  Publication: Opening page. HOLLAND & HOLLAND Fashion catalogue
Autumn/Winter 2007
  balcony 2006 november
  World cup supporter, summer 2006 Berlin
  Group exhibition: Throw Up
Invited artist at the Hochschule für bildende Künste [HFBK], the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany.
Opening 12 dec, exhibition 13 - 23 dec 2005, Galerie der HFBK, Lerchenfeld 2, 22081 Hamburg
  Tour de France, Summer 2005
Ungersheim, Alsace
  Publication: Portfolio. Drum Bun! Photographs from Romania. LFI - Leica Fotografie International Magazine.
May 2005. Text Carla Susanne Erdmann

China/Beijing: june - august 2005

  Publication: client work RCE - Relais Culture Europe. summer 2005 - outline of the book
Photographs from France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana. Text Francois Xavier Drouet
  Publication: Carl´s Cars Magazine, No. 11, spring 2005
Waffle Van, Berlin. Text by Ilya Gridneff
  Portfolio HEAD online magazine / 24mm from India
  Client work: VSD Magazine/France. No. 1406, august 2004, Island Usedom, Germany/Poland
  DUO europa
Two guitar player on a summer road trip across Switzerland, France and Spain. The idea is simple: collecting music from all over europe and deliver it all over europe. Five weeks on tour with Duo-Europa inside a tincan-like oldfashioned Volkswagen-bus with the aim to make it to Barcelona. june/july 2004
  FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Photographs from east europe
  Exhibition at Frankfurter Presseclub. Enlargement of the European Union.
Photographs from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia
  Publication: LIBERATION/France - Photograph from Czech Republic/Prague
  PRIVATE - International review of black and white photographs and texts. N. 27, 2004.
"german views" - Photographs from East Europe
  client work: die Zeit / Leben
Georgia: Nr 3, jan 2003 / Turkey: Nr 22, may 2004. Text Jörg Burger
  Photograph from India/Calcutta
Interview with the managing director of the photo agency Bilderberg in Hamburg
Photo Technik Magazine
  Les Rencontres d'Arles 2003. Arles/France
Exhibition of the international photocollective Tangophoto and Belgium based photographers group Blow-up Photo
Report with Felix Schnetzer (text)
Ostrava used to be the pride of czech socialism. Today Ostrava is an industrial town without industry. As a new member of the European Union, the city is struggling with ecological, economical and social problems. But the "black steel heart" is still pounding: The communist and industrial past is still present, young and creative people appreciate the raw energy and the unique atmosphere of this lively city. Ostrava is an important but nonetheless forgotten piece of the czech identity.
  Winterreise Czech Republic
Vsetin, soldiers in snow, apr 2003
  Publication: INDIE magazine. Czech Republic / Hradec Kralove
  Summer 2002 in Prague
Photographs from Czech Republic
  World Press Photo Brochure / Joop Swart Masterclass invitation. dec 2001
  Beijing Punks
China may 2001
  Bangkok travel notes
Thailand feb 2000
  Moskow travel notes, Russia may 1999
Trying to convince an official driver driving to unfamous places
  Spain, Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar
Chasing tourists on the beach / july 1998
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